Piano moving

With us, pianos travel in first class, nothing less.


With Piano Esmonde White, all pianos are transported to their destination in first class. This has nothing to do with conventional methods where damage risk are high. When it comes down to piano, all the details make a difference for the health of the instrument:

  • Secure moving with the Klavier Roller robot;
  • Keyboard protection with specialized equipment;
  • The use of a machine called Klavier Roller, for efficient and more secure moving with only one man. First machine of its kind in North America.
  • New and adapted vehicle. It is equipped with a heated box, custom straps for pianos;
  • Pyjama: Pianos do wear pyjamas for every transport. It consist of a synthetic cover which goes on the transported piano. It is used both to protect from scratches and to prevent thermal stress.
  • Specialized cushioned box for fragile parts.

Piano Esmonde White: Excellence/Quality/Price